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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pictures Cont...

More Pictures of Our House

Our New Nest

Well, the month of June has been the month of transition. Moving into our new place has been really exciting and exhausting! This has been our first big move since being married. (I will say that moving two people and many rooms was a lot more difficult than moving one person and one room. I can’t imagine moving a whole family. Lord, help me on this day!) I will say on behalf of Matt that driving ten minutes to work opposed to an hour and half is the BEST THING EVER. Kennesaw is nice place to be. Everything you can imagine is here! It could be a negative thing for our pockets. I guess we will have to practice self control. After many days of cleaning, painting just about every room, and planting some flowers that I think are dying at the moment, our sweet new place is finally feeling like home!